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“Self~discipline is overrated and undependable.”

If I had to boil down the gist of the book and the mantras which helped me to loose weight, this would be it. I had been down the rabbit hole too many times ~diets, fads~been their done that!

The book divulges into myriad topic from

1. secret of loosing the elusive body fat

2. improving sex

3. perfecting sleep

4.reversing injuries

5.running faster and farther

6. getting stronger

7.learning to swim effortlessly in ten days

8.on longer and better life

Yes , its not humanly possible for me, a humble mortal to tackle all but will start with setting straight my elusive body fat percentage , what Timothy Ferris calls eyeballing it ~ for women~ if obese, aim for 25%, if you have just a bit of extra padding, aim for 18% (good luck with that , so I said to my past self~I stand corrected.)

The Slow Carb Diet

I love fool’s experiments,I’m always making them~Charles Darwin

As the story goes in the book , Mr Ferris has just consumed a whooping 4400 calories in the form of two full~size barbecue chicken pizzas and three handful of mixed nuts (some folks have all the luck in the world )~ hold on it gets better ~ it was his forth meal of the day.

After 72 hours he tested his body fat percentage with an ultra sound analyzer~dropped from 11.9% to 10.2%~ he had lost 14% body fat in 14 days ~ ‘ welcome to utopia ~ aka Slow Carb Diet.

The five Tenets of Slow Carb Diet ~Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days without exercise.

a. Avoid”White” Carbohydrates.

b. Eat the same few meals over and over again.

c. Don’t Drink Calories.

d. Don’t Eat Fruits.

e. Take One Day Off Per Week.

That’s all, Folks!


I have been on the Slow Carb Diet for two weeks, and I know it may be too early to gloat and swear by it, but I am no rookie when it comes to dieting and trying to loose weight~ the mere convenience of eating the same meal and not having to count calories and macros is a winner in my opinion.And the fact that you get a day to live your deepest, darkest desires (Dieters Gone Wild ~as the author appropriately terms it ) is the cherry on the cake.

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